Press Release

With already 25.000 costumers strives to make the biggest range of magazine titles available to costumers in Germany. While no subscription is needed as issues can be ordered individually, our online-kiosk provides magazines for every need with just a few clicks - at no shipping fee and within 24 hours.

Closing the big gap between published and actually available magazines can obtain a niche between classic retailers and digital issue providers. Costumers will find everything they are searching for at From technology based journals to lifestyle inspiration, our costumers save time and hassle ordering exactly the knowledge they are looking for online.

By offering complementary products targets clients that are already interested in the product range for a seamless costumer experience. When a client buys a barbecue magazine, for example, we will offer products that fit his or her interests perfectly. Therefore, our online shop always hits the spot when it comes to costumer needs and interests.

While overall magazine sales have dropped, exceeded the sales volume of 2016 after only 6 months in 2017 offering niche magazines and products that will stay in demand. 

In the future, we will continue to expand the range of the already more than 1.000 offered titles and increase its daily orders significantly.'s development speaks for itself. It will be THE online shop for magazines and its niche products in Germany.